Message to Me

As per my objectives, this week’s message and reflections come from a note I wrote titled ‘Message to me’ and dated 6/5/2021. So here goes:

“Remember to look for the doors. Remember to look for the portals, the ways into the magical places I belong. Remember to stay focused and pay attention. Trust yourself to make sure you are okay. Not others. Remember, the way has been made for me to survive and thrive. Remember to look for the doors.”

When my son took the picture above I was fascinated with the snake. Big ass Garter snake; garden snake. Hidden in the overgrown bush/tree that had to be removed. Beautiful and creepy at the same time.

When I found this note, I was cleaning and sorting through a bunch of memo notes and envelopes that I had written passwords and websites and topics for research on. This sorting is tedious and wealth producing. I have a wealth of ideas and information waiting for me to recover it and give it time and attention. In the business/busyness of daily living the message returned quietly and clearly; remember to look for the openings that are still waiting for you and I. Remember to believe in the magical places awaiting you. Remember, you created them when you were dreaming and drawing and talking to your ‘imaginary’ playmates. We have been creating and responding to our magical places since birth. Much like watching a baby coo and smile and talk to the light of the lamp while you are feeding them, the magical realms, the frequencies and angelic choruses have been calling us, speaking with us, feeding our souls from before birth. As master creators in training, we have visions and palaces and adventures we imagined and prepared for ourselves in the many dimensions, many mansions of the multi-verse and they await our attentions and energy to bring them as we brought ourselves into this 3-D place. We gave ourselves this mission and we alone test ourselves along the way. It’s ours to complete and enjoy and our success is assured.

Now there are many shadows and potholes and disagreeable people and circumstances also appearing. I have, maybe you have to, been struggling a bit lately feeling like there is no real good way through. Then I find a message from the natural world, this week it was the buzzard, the vulture. She, (it felt like a she) circled over my head as I stood in the driveway. Never flapping her wings, in perfect concentric circles. And then, she reversed herself. Clockwise became counter-clockwise. I felt great joy watching her watch me and whatever else was on her mind. I thanked her and later looked up some metaphysical meanings for vulture. Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is an amazing reference and resource book. Such a mystical bird. It’s so easy to love butterflies and rainbows but we miss the deeper messages possible from the caterpillar, hurricane or vulture. Paraphrasing Ted Andrews about the vulture, he said :”In alchemy, the vulture was a symbol of sublimation…a promise that the suffering of the immediate was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose was at work…”

So as this week comes to a close, it is appropriate I find this message to myself and I share it with you…Remember to look for the doors…the portals…into the magical places you and I belong.

Peace & Blessings,


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