What’s Happening?

Shelter Gardens in Columbia MO.

Hello and Greetings!

I continue to work at keeping the schedule I gave myself for posting, sharing my thoughts and insights. I appreciate each person who has taken any time to read what is getting my attention now as well as in days past. I will also share pictures taken on my personal retreat walks and encourage you to contact me if you are interested in scheduling a custom retreat walk with me designed to meet your needs.

Today’s note comes from sometime in November 2021. I know this because I found it sandwiched in between sheets that had dates on them. Per my rule, if I picked it, then I must use it, even if I don’t quite get what got my attention in the first place. So here goes:

He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free. Luke 4:18.

My thought… “It was always an inside job.”

Now for you purists I have probably not done the biblical quotation correctly. I imagine I was reading ‘The Daily Word’, a Unity publication I have been using as a daily devotional reading for over 20 years. While my viewpoints are evolving I still find this inspirational reading source useful. Now as I contemplate this I am reflecting on the Hybrid Solar Eclipse that just occurred as well as a New Moon. So much revealing and revelations pushing on the new creations waiting to be planted, nurtured and brought forth into our developing brave new world. If we cooperate. If we find our courage and our patience to support the divine order of life for ourselves and our global family.

The light of an eclipse highlights or defines, makes you look at what is at the heart or center of things. It feels like with all you gain from the light of the sun, the source, you, we, have to see that there is a center, a core that must be recognized. With all the astrological and cosmic movements it feels like I and maybe you as well are being held in a place to strongly encourage us to keep working on the inner self, connecting it consciously with love to our highest self, our eternal and divine self. So much of life, especially in America keeps you moving so much and wanting so much that you often give your time away to what’s new and more when really your heart and spirit want you to slow down, pause and really see and feel what is happening now. With you and your self. There is nothing selfish or inappropriately self-centered with taking time to learn and grow within. It is ultimately an act of selfless service maybe even the basis for servant leadership and stewardship. To love thy neighbor as thyself, as you have heard, requires self love. Self love begins with self talk, self time, self-acceptance and self growth. There is no value in doing and believing what you were taught by your parents, teachers, preachers, doctors, spouses, friends, just because they taught you that. The real value you give and gain is when you take those teachings and examine and discern them and their value for you, your life, yourself. If you keep them, great. If you grow them, great. If you discard them, great. All of this is done from a place of gratitude for the teachings, gifts, that were given. So the greatest gift to ourselves and our beloved communities is self development. From this, we all benefit and a new world grows. It’s all an inside job.

Peace & Blessings,


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