This was taken on a trip to Hawaii a few years ago. This trip was another step in my spiritual growth. It wasn’t the first time I’d been to Hawaii, ‘The Big Island’. Many years ago I was with my family and we journeyed there staying near Volcanoes National Park. Things have grown and changed since then. I have been blessed to live and learn from Hawaii and her many island people.

As I shared in the beginning I find a note or memo I left myself at some point in time and while clearing up my clutter, I share my present day thoughts around the thoughts I shared with myself previously. This one I’m sharing had no date but it’s at least a year old (tells you something about my work table). The title is Christianity-Love.

“How often does your minister teach and preach on love?” “On any given Sunday, how many Christians are grounded in the commandments from Jesus on love and forgiveness?” “If you are wondering why your life is not working, check your I Am statements.”

This rumination began because I am subject to Mom’s Christian TV watching and I began to wonder how often did those preachers, ministers really speak to and encourage their audience to ‘love one another’, ‘turn the other cheek’, ‘treat all of creation as God’s creations and therefore holy’? It occurred to me that if Christian ministers really taught and practiced love, there could be almost no discrimination, racial profiling, sex trafficking, hunger, homeless/houselessness. There would be so much less poverty because like Jesus, we would be feeding and clothing and housing each other, without the need for you to believe in my philosophy or religion or spiritual way of living. It would be that way because each person would be living their own truth and supporting each other to live theirs. I mean that makes sense , since all that was created was named ‘good’.

This is on my mind because in the USA, Christians are ending their holy week. The ultimate focus and gain is the crucifixion of the old way and the resurrection into a new life. Yet, where along the way and throughout the year has the religious or spiritual leader consistently instructed on self love, beloved community, no child left behind, no poverty… you get my point. Where has any spiritual leader consistently guided their students/congregants/parishioners to live from, not practice, but live from their inner guidance and follow the love energy that lives within them and all around them? It just seems to me it would be difficult for people so instructed by their leaders and teachers to keep buying and using guns to kill others, or destroy farmland or forest land for a house that is excessive in size and minimally used? What people would work to the exclusion of their family or community in order to have more? More what?

Anyway, I am reminded that I have, I Am the Divine Energy of Creation and I am responsible and capable of living that truth. This is the case for all of Prime Creator’s Creations. I am working daily to keep my divine energy and purpose its use for the greater good of all. How about you?

Peace & Blessings,


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