First blog post

After almost 6 years of paying for this platform, I am finally ready to use it, I think. I have often been overwhelmed with all sorts of creative ideas and projects. And then I wear myself out, overwhelm myself with possibilities and succumb to fear and perfectionism. So in essence, I get nothing on paper and no forward motion. And no one gets to join me in this adventure on Planet Earth. In many ways I will be sharing with you ‘the world according to Philana’ or maybe more correctly it is “Philana’s Adventures on Earth”.

My experience with writing and talking is complex, yet simple. I’d rather talk than write. But I also write down things that come to me as it relates to my life and experiences as well as prose and even a short story or two. My focus and topics are always related to personal development and spiritual growth. My friend Octavia has told me for over 30 years that it doesn’t matter how many people are talking about these same topics, my approach, insights and suggestions are valuable and needed. So starting today and for the next year I plan to share my thoughts and experiences that will span those many years. I’ll be learning as I go how to best use this platform and others that are making themselves known to me. I will be sharing thoughts written on slips of paper that need to be placed in a more permanent home. And I will reflect on these thoughts from the past from my current point of view. I’ll ask questions and wax philosophical because I really love to teach, learn, grow and have adventures.

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