Greetings Fellow Travelers!

Today I am deviating from the format I established concerning what I would write about. I kept looking for an old memo, and trust me there’s a pile of them. However I kept getting this urge to share some things I wrote for myself this week. These are some of my daily affirmations. I use inspirational literature, like the Daily Word, a Unity publication and I use a book, ‘A Year without Fear’ by Tama Kieves and then I use 3 or 4 oracle decks. I pull a card and use the message to further enhance my perspective and perceptions for the day. There is always also some form of astrology and other systems depending on the day and mood. The statements I am sharing today came as a result of the readings I got from this deck:

I choose a card for the week and two cards per day. I realized as I kept reviewing the affirmations I had given myself for this week, along with some conversations I had with friends that the topic, processes and activities related to self-care were the message to be contemplated and shared this week. The major question and thing to be contemplated is how are you taking care of yourself? Is your self-care practice based in the habitual patterns of behavior you want to release or at least modify? Additionally, is your self-care routine based in the information and examples that have been given to you from a patriarchal, capitalist framework? Like retail therapy? Eating food or drinking substances that are not life giving to your body and spirit? Are you searching outside of yourself to provide your self-care? Are you spending money? As I’ve shared, the cancer experience I had brought self-care to my attention and I find myself still unlearning habitual behaviors and thinking and sitting with myself to uncover what really takes care of me. So here are some of my thoughts:

I stay in my power and fill myself with joy and peace. I give grace to all I meet.

I allow the wisdom of the ages to flow through me. I’m following my instincts and intuitions.

I give myself grace and joy as I free myself to be me. I continue to attend to myself and my soul expressions. I am cared for and protected across time, space and dimensions.

I focus on what’s important for me and seek clarity to achieve and create this. I create the tapestry of life that wraps me in joy and beauty.

And the most meaningful statement, the one that demanded to be shared this week: Self-sacrifice is unnecessary and burdensome. It’s a lie. No one needs your sacrifice. Everyone wants your unconditional acceptance.

My desire for myself and for you is that you give and receive Unconditional Positive Self Acceptance and Self Regard.

Peace and Blessings,